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Introduction to Downloading Complete Websites

Have you ever needed to save and store entire websites for future reading? For instance if you found an interesting website which you wanted to preserve, an online book about a topic you were studying, a website you were creating for a client or similar?

Perhaps you have even needed to take such sites with you to places with poor internet connectivity? Why not, for the future, simply store the complete websites on your computer instead? This would make it possible for you to take them with you on the go when traveling or visiting clients who need to see your work.

It is possible to download and store downloaded sites on portable media such as USB sticks and CDs. Then simply surf them in offline mode using any popular internet browser on your computer.

We have developed our own tool for downloading websites, A1 Website Download.

You can download the program from here:

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For The Web Developer

It can often be extremely useful to save and copy server-side database driven websites for later use.

If the site downloader tool used can convert downloaded websites into static ones, it means they can be viewed using any computer and browser anywhere.

For showcasing your work to clients, e.g. sites you have developed, this frees you from bringing your own computers, setting up internet servers etc. This is in particular also useful if you need to showcase sites on computers with no internet connection.

Make Sure The Download Tool Works

When determining which site copier tool to use, you will want to make sure it can do the following things well:

Some software tools, ours included, comes with a trial period where you can work out any quirks including e.g. emailing the software vendor for support. No matter what tool you ultimately ending up buying, you should make sure that it is possible to test the tool before buying.

Using The Site Copier Functionality in More Ways

Do also notice that you can often use website download tools for more things than just downloading websites. You can also use them to e.g. download (and later browse) complete image galleries. If this has your interest, read the official help page on this topic for our software, A1 Website Download.

In the screenshot underneath, we are viewing the downloaded pictures and photos in offline mode using the integrated browser:

A1 Website Download and viewing downloaded images offline

Links to Help Resources

If you have problems downloading a website, list of pages or similar, you can get informaton and assistance here:

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